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220cities & 65countries world tour

65개국 221여 도시 투어


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The major concerts and festivals where Noreum Machi presented their music : 

1998     Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival, NY, USA

2009     Ulsan World Music Festival
             Association of Performing Arts Presenters(APAP) Showcase, NY, USA 
             Cultural Exchange Concert in Nagoya, Japan
             Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia
             Sommer Musik Festival / Concert in Dusseldorf, Germany
             Australasian World Music Expo, Australia
             Concert in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Diplomati Relations with Philippines, Philippines

2010     World Music Institute Tour, USA
             A Tapestry of Sacred Music Festival Esplanade, Singapore
             16th Cultural Exchange Concert & Workshops in Nagoya, Japan
             Showcase at Live! Singapore, Singapore
             ST.Gallen Kultur Festival, Switzerland
             SommerMusikFest, Germany 
             Zeltival at Kulturzentrum Tollhaus, Germany 
             Levitt Pavillion MacArthur Park World Music Day Concert, USA
             The American Folk Music Festival, USA
             1st Yeowoorak Festival, National Theatre of Korea, Korea
             Ulsan World Music Festival, Korea
             Mercado Cultural Caravan Tour, Brazil 

2011     Concert at Asia Football Cup Cultural Event in Qatar
             Showcase at Babel Med Music, France
             Open Ears Festival, Canada
             17th Cultural Exchange Concert & Workshops in Nagoya, Japan
             Moving Korea Tour, Poland 
             Music Meeting, Netherlands
             EBU Folk Festival, Croatia  
             OFFFEST, Macedonia
             Concert in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations 
             With Lebanon and Cameroon
             Les Suds Festival / Avignon Festival, France
             Mennheim Festival / Frame Drum Festival, Germany
2012     18th Cultural Exchange Concert & Workshops in Nagoya, Japan
             Timitar Festival, Agadir, Morocco
             Concert in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations 
             with El Salvador and Dominican Republic
             Sommermusikfest Music Camp / Frame Drum Festival, Germany
             Ethno Port Poznan Festival, Poland
             Collaboration (In the shadow of the dragon) with Australia Strange Fruit (I), Seoul, Korea
             Ethnos Festival, Naples, Italy
             Festival Asia / Cass Asia, Spain
             Concert at Korea Indonesia Week, Indonesia 
             Collaboration (In the shadow of the dragon) with Australia Strange Fruit (II), Melbourne, Australia
             Concert in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Vietnam 

2013     “Contact Method” with Art3 and Kompania, Budapest, Hungary 
             International Gongs and Bamboo Music Festival, Dipolog, Philippines
             Tamburi Mundi on Tour, St. Polten, Austria
             “風, The K-Wind” Concert, Freiburg, Germany
             19th Cultural Exchange Concert & Workshops in Nagoya, Japan  
             Isola del Cinema, Rome, Italy
             Quartier d'ete Festival, Paris, France
             Sommermusikfest Music Camp / Frame Drum Festival / Klang Welten Festival, Germany
             Zommer Van Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium
             Solo International Performing Arts Festival, Solo, Indonesia
             National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
             Solo Festival<SIPA>, Surakarta & Yogyakarta, Indonesia
             Opening Ceremony, Korean Ceramic Exhibition, National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2014     Venezia Carnival, Venice, Italy
             20th Cultural Exchange Workshops, Nagoya, Japan  
             Percussion Night, Muscat, Oman
             Concert in Celebration of Diplomatic Relations, Cambodia & Myanmar
             Collaboration Concert with Harata, Japan
             Tamburi Mundi Festival, Germany
             Sommermusik FEST / Frame Drum Festival, Germany
             Tanz Festival, Germany
             Collaboration Concert with Synergy Percussion, OZ Asia Festival, Australia
             Ariranfg, Switzerland
             WOMEX Showcase, Santiago, Spain
             India Hindu Festival / Kolkata Music Festival, India

2015     China Tour in Wuxi and Hefei, China
             Dance Salad Festival Asia Society, Houston, USA
             Asia- African Carnival, Bandung, Indonesia
             Festival of 5 Continents in Switzerland, Martigny, Switzerland
             FESTIM, Portugal
             Fetival Musicale del Mediterraneo, Genova, Italia
             Forde Traditional and World Music Festival, Norway
             Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland
             Sfinks Mixed, Lier, Belgium
             Australia Tour, Collaboration with Synergy Percussion, Australia
             Global Investors Meet, India
             K-Music Festival, London, England
             Cross Culture Festival, Poland
             Korean Music Night, Wroclaw, Poland
             Silkway Festival, Astana, Kazakhstan  
             Latin America Tour, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago
2016     Auckland Arts Festival, Auckland, New Zealand
             Made in Asia, Toulouse, France
             Colours of Ostrava,  Ostrava, Czech Republic
             WOMAD UK, Charlton Park, England
             Okarina Ethno Festival, Bled, Slovenia
             National Holiday Event, Islamabad, Pakistan
             International Arts Collaboration Residency, Chennai, India 
             CINARS 2016 Official Showcase, Montreal, Canada 

2017     Pyeongchang Olympic Culture Concert, Kazakhstan
             Traveling Korean Arts Tour, Moscow, Russia
             Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life, Singapore
             Asia Festival, Bulgaria
             California WolrdFest, Toronto, Canada
             Vencouver Island MusicFest, Vancouver, Canada
             Mundial Montreal #7 Official Showcase, Montreal, Canada
             KOREA WOCHE, Bonn, Germany

2018     The K-Wind, The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Swiss
             Korea Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 
             Innoprom Ceremony, Yekaterinburg, Russia 
             K-Wind Summer Festival Tour, including California WorldFest, 
             Summer Festival Series / Mission Folk Music Festival, USA & Canada
             K-Wind Soul Beat, Canberra, Australia 
             K-Wind Soul Beat, Wellington & Auckland, New Zealand
             Nomad Tour, Ulaan baatar, Mongolia
             Traveling Korean Arts Tour, Bangkok, Thailand
             Acapulco & Morelia Music Festival, Morelia, Mexico
             K-Wind Soul Beat, Naypyidaw & Yangon, Myanmar

2019     Asian Cup Ceremony, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
             The US Tour in New York, Baltimore, & Washington D.C., USA
             Gauteng International Arts Festival, South Africa
             KoreArirang Tour, Laos

2020     The K-Wind, Moskva, Russia
             SSBD Collaboration Project Season 5, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and
             Bangalore, India

2022     Corea Beat fusion traditional Korean music performance
             2022.9.27.(Tue) 19:00 Moscow State Conservatory Rachmaninov Hall
             2022.9.28.(Wed) 19:00 Korean  Cultural Center in Russia

2023     Association of Asian Korean Associations
             Asian Korean Chamber of Commerce
             Hanoi Competition

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