200cities & 60countries world tour

60개국 200여 도시 투어


Auckland Arts Festival

Made in Asia

Colours of Ostrava


Okarina Ethno Festival

CINARS 2016 Official Showcase

Dance Salad Festival Asia Society

Asia- African Carnival

Festival of 5 Continents


Fetival Musicale del Mediterraneo Forde Traditional and World Music Festival

Paleo Festival

Sfinks Mixed

Global Investors Meet

K-Music Festival in UK

Cross Culture Festival

Silkway Festival

Percussion Night

One Day Festival in Oman

Tamburi Mundi festival

Summer Musik FEST

Ariranfg in Switzerland

OZ Asia Festival


India Hindu Festival

International Gongs and Bamboo Music Festival

Mannheim Festival

Festival Quartier d'ete

Summer Music Festival in Germany

Klang Welten Festival

Zommer Van Festival

Solo Festival<SIPA>

Morocco Timitar Festival

Palazzo Festival-Klangwelten

Frame Drum Festival

Poznan Ethno Port Festival

Ethnos Festival in Italy

Festival Asia in Spain

babelmed music

Open Ears


Music Meeting

Les Suds Festival

Avignon Festival

A Tapestry of Sacred Music in Esplanade Singapore

Live Singapore

St.Gallen Kultur Festival

ZELTIVAL At Kulturzentrum Tollhaus

Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park, World Music Day Concert

The American Folk Festival

Mercado Cultural


Rainforest World Music Festival

Australia World Music Expo

Ulsan World Music Festival

Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival